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Feeling Good

The most important thing in any situation is to  feel good. It doesn’t necessary mean that we will not do anything about the situation, however what it does, is allow us to come from a more empowered place to make a decision or to take action in a situation. How many times have we been feeling bad and we have felt powerless to do anything about something or to change the situation right in front of us. Some of us like me have gone in to days and weeks of depression because of something that we perceived as being bad in our lives. It could have been the death of a loved one, someone breaking up with us, losing a job etc. However the way we choose how we feel about what has happened, determines what the outcome of the situation will be.

For example my girlfriend broke up with me a recently. I was devastated and I didn’t know where to go or what to do. However in thinking about the situation at the time, I realised who I am helping here by playing the sad song of the fact that she broke up with me etc. I am now choosing to feel good about the situation because of the many benefits that I have in regards to being single once again in my life.  And the benefits are many.  What we think, so shall we be.

Some people just love complaining. They could be complaining about how bad the economy is, the weather, people they are meeting etc.  However if they are aware of it or not they are essentially focusing on something that they do not want. By giving their attention and talking about what they do not want and as a result feeling bad about it, they are creating more of that in their lives.

Essentially when we are in that place of feeling good, whether that is happiness, peace, joy or love, we are in alignment with what we want in our lives and we are more likely to be creating more of it.

Why do we do anything in our lives? I don’t think we do anything to feel bad….our ultimate goal is to feel good and to feel happy. The goal behind every goal is happiness. Could we not choose to feel good in the here and now and choose to go for what we want from the place. It probably would be more easier to achieve the goal when we are coming from a place of feeling good and not let our happiness be dependent on achieving the goal or not.

Everything we buy is because we want to feel good about ourselves. The advertising industry is designed in such a way as to lead us to believe that if we purchase one of their products, we will feel good. However the truth is the we have the power to feel good without any of this. The power comes from the beliefs we hold in regards to any situation. That belief can empower us to feel good or feel bad. The choice is ours. Essentially with every belief we have, we are ultimately getting what we want by having it in our lives.

The great news about this is that they can be changed to something that allows us to feel good.