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The Truth

What is the truth? Well there is absolute truth and relative truth. Absolute truth is the one truth however relative truth is always relative to something else. For example that is good is relative to bad. Is the truth making you happy? How many of us see what we see and believe it to be the truth? If you had a choice to believe something that is the truth which makes you unhappy or believe something that is made up and makes you happy, which one would you choose?

Happiness is a by-product of us choosing beliefs which serve us in making us happy. It is the land of make-believe. Is what you are believing in your life creating happiness, peace and joy in your life? Many different events, things, situations happen outside of us in which we have no control over them. We cannot control if a person likes us or not, we cannot control the weather, if it is going to be sunny one day or raining the next. We cannot control if somebody chooses to get angry with us or not. However the great news is that we do have control over the response we choose to have in relation to the circumstance. For example if our friend chooses to get angry and frustrated with us because of something we have done or said to them. We can choose to react with anger and unhappiness to them or we can take a much more empowering place and choose to believe that what is happening is good and isn’t it great that they are authentic with us. We can actively choose to respond with happiness, peace and love in this situation. The power is within each of us to respond in a different way to create something different.

Many of us are responding unconsciously and from old habit and thought patterns without any awareness or understanding that we could create something different in our lives. Many of us are conditioned into people pleasing and approval seeking behaviour, which in turn limits us from really being our true selves and really loving ourselves. Imagine believing that authenticity is the safest way to travel. Wouldn’t that be an amazing way to move through the world. Imagine telling the truth to everybody you meet regardless of what the consequences maybe. Yes the truth will set you free. I fucking love the truth. Some people may move away from you when they hear the truth and others will move closer to you.

Being authentic to everybody you meet, really is the most loving thing that you could do for yourself. It really is. It is only when we are not authentic and speaking the truth about who we are and what we are feeling, that we experience anxiety, nervousness, fear etc. From my experience I have found that when I expressed the truth about myself to another person, that it empowered them and allowed them to express their truth freely and without any judgement if they choose to. The fact that they could see, hear and feel that I was completely loving to myself and gave myself the permission to speak the truth, it enabled them to do it as well.

I have seen amazing transformations within the person in front of me when I choose to speak the truth and be fully authentic with them. Truth allows love to happen. When there is love, there is no judgement of what you are experiencing emotionally or mentally. It really is the greatest gift you could give to another. Love what is.  When we are authentic, we are essentially trusting the essence of who we are. We are trusting what we are feeling whether that is so-called “good” or so-called “bad”. It is not about labeling, defining, or judging the experience we are having. It is about us loving ourselves as we are, warts and all.

The first step in the truth-telling journey is speaking the truth to ourselves and from there we are in a place to move and tell the truth to another. It really doesn’t matter what the other person thinks or says, because essentially we are doing it in a way to show more love to ourselves. It is not about the outcome, it is about the process.