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Knowing and getting what you want

How do you decide what it is that you really want in your life? Well one good way is to know what it is that you do not want. It maybe that you do not want to be in an unhealthy, destructive relationship, it maybe that you do not want to be stressed, that you do not want to be unhappy. In knowing what it is that you do not want, you can choose to decide to bring in the opposite to your life.

We always know what it is that we want and ultimately we are always getting what we want. For example if a person is depressed and that person is saying that they want to be happy. Believe it or not, by the person choosing to be depressed they are getting what they want. A way to elicit what their wants are is by asking the question “how is by choosing to be depressed serving you?” the answers could be that it is allowing them not to make a decision in your life right now, it could be giving them the opportunity not to take responsibility for their life right now. It could be helping them to get support and attention from others. Where ever we are in our lives right now, we are the ones choosing that experience. The power is in the knowing that we can choose something else and still get what we want. From the unknown comes the known. The more we experience what it is that we do not want, the more opportunity there is for each of us to choose something different. When we are in a place of worry, anxiety, fear and frustration, we are focusing on what we do not want. If you don’t want to be worrying then you ultimately want peace of mind and happiness.


It is important in the journey of life to keep focused on what you want. The more we consciously focus on what it is that we do want, the more we receive it. You could make a list of everything that you do not want and write after it the complete opposite. What do I want? We all ultimately want peace of mind, happiness, joy, love and freedom in our lives. Anything that doesn’t allow me to experience that, I know is something that I do not want. An inspiring thing to do is to create an overall vision and mission in your life and include all the things that you intend to create in your life.

The minute we want something in our lives, it is the minute that we push that very thing away in our lives. For example if we want more money in our lives and in our bank account, the very wanting of it pushes it away. A more empowering place is to intend or put out the intention to have or to be receiving more money in your life. When we are wanting something, we are in  a place of wanting it and we actually don’t allow it to manifest in our lives. See yourself in possession of the thing you intend to manifest in your life and pretend and feel that you already have it.

Your mind, feelings and physical body language as well as your state of mind are powerful magnets in creating what that is you wish to manifest in your life. That is why they say it is much easier to get a job when you actually have a job. You have the state of mind, the feeling and the evidence in your life that you have a job. How many times when you have been looking for a job and wanting for a job, you found it next to impossible to get a job. However when you did get a job, and you let go of the wanting and the needing to have a job, that you got a couple of job offers in a short period of time.

It is important in the ‘wanting’ of something in your life, to not be dependant on getting. Don’t let your happiness, peace and joy be dependant on getting something outside yourself. Don’t let need, expectations or other things be the driving force in getting what it is that you want. Imagine going for everything that you want in your life and your happiness not being dependant on getting it or not. Many of us motivate ourselves from a place of unhappiness to ultimately get what we want. However the ironic thing is that if we are not happy on the journey, we will not be happy when we get there.