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Loving yourself

How may you ask do you really love yourself? The answer for many is a foreign one. Well to really love yourself is to treat yourself with respect, kindness, love, compassion and a gentleness that you are doing your best in every moment.

Many of us motivate ourselves, myself included from a place of judgment and comparing ourselves to other people. We see ourselves as not being good enough in comparison to other people around us. We fail to realize the beauty of who we each are as a unique human being. When we were young children we loved ourselves unconditionally without any need or expectations. We did not compare ourselves to other. However when we started to grow up we learned through various systems in place such as school, society and family, that in order to be good enough we needed and were expected to be something in this world in order to be loved.

All unhappiness is a result of comparisons. Think of a time when you were unhappy, or maybe you are unhappy right now. What are you comparing your current situation to? What judgments do you have about yourself? The first step to really loving ourselves is to stop judging ourselves for where we are right now. Believe that we are doing the best we can, in response to the situation we are in. when we choose to stop comparing ourselves to whats out there, to people, things etc, then we have the freedom to be ourselves and to be happy. The judgment usually consists of some should be, must or have to. Is this really giving us the opportunity to really embrace and love ourselves? Choose to love yourself no matter what happens in your life. We can never control what happens out there, however we can respond from a place of love for ourselves.

What would love do now? What a great question! Before we can love another we must first love ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves and have the feeling of love for ourselves, we will always be looking for our partners, our lover, our friend to make us feel loved. The perfect relationship is when both people fully and completely love themselves, without any need, expectations, or judgments. It is a powerful place to be, to fully and completely love ourselves.

When we say no to another, we are showing love to ourselves. When we do what feels good, we are showing love to ourselves. When we choose to speak our truth, we are showing love to ourselves. When we choose to follow our heart, we are showing love to ourselves. When we trust ourselves, we are showing love to ourselves. When we believe in ourselves, we are showing love to ourselves.

Take time out for yourself. Do what you love doing. Be good to yourself. Love who you are and who you can be. Have a healthy respect for yourself. Go on a date with yourself and treat yourself to a meal. Say to yourself yes I am worth it and I do deserve. Yes I am good enough exactly as I am. Open your heart to love and show love and compassion to others.

Realize that you are a beautiful person exactly as you are and that you don’t  need to prove yourself to anybody or anything. Approve of yourself. Appreciate yourself. Accept yourself. Accept yourself, warts and all. Love the imperfections of who you are. Yes you are not perfect. So what? Love yourself. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Give yourself a break and stop putting pressure on yourself to be somebody that you are not. Live for yourself and not for the approval and the good opinions of other people. Listen to your heart. Listen to your spirit. Remember that you don’t need to do, be or have anything, so that you can love yourself. Realize that you are more than perfect as you are. You may not get it right all the time. So what? Thank the divine creation for who you are. Look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself “I LOVE YOU” when we choose to fully love ourselves in every moment, miracle just seem to happen in our lives.