Is the life I am living making a statement of who I am and who I want to be in this world?

For me right now it is not. I can feel the lie all over my body and I just don’t know the way. If you are not happy on the journey, you will not be happy when you get there.

How do you trust yourself in a world which is night and day trying to make you like everybody else?

Am I just conforming to keep the people around me happy?

It takes great courage and strenght to be yourself in this world. A nice definition of enlightenment I heard a while ago is ” no longer marching to the drum beat of society but dancing to the music that springs up from within” What a beautiful quote!!!

How many of us are trusting the music that springs up from within. Don’t let the music die within you……

It all goes back to really loving ourselves in every moment. If we all fully loved ourselves, we would have no need to please anybody only ourselves….trust the small voice within:) We are always been guided…it is just that we don’t stop to listen and hear that small voice within…..what is the small voice within you saying to you right now? The small voice is our soul, our spirit, our essence…it is unconditional love for ourselves…..all we need to do is to trust it in small ways….