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If I knew that I had only 6 months to live…what would I be doing differently, what would I be thinking and how would I be feeling. I probably would no longer be concerned about what other people were thinking about me and be thinking that I do not want to die. I have heard that the minute a person embraces death, it is is the minute a person starts living….

Am I dying to live or living to die? I see in myself the fear within in me which stops me from really living and really, really following and trusting my heart. I see the fear and the worry in my mind about conforming and doing something that will bring in the money….the truth is that I don’t feel fully alive in this experience. To be honest I would really love to have the courage and the confidence to trust and follow my heart more and not worry and just be fully in the present moment like a child in playing in the sun.

Many of us, including myself believe that we are going to live forever. The truth is we are not. I have only a short time on this earth and it is my responsibility to make the most of every second…

What would I do If I knew I had only 6 months to live…..

I would travel more

I would immerse myself in music and sing, sing, sing…play, play, play

I would dance, dance, dance

I would connect with God more

I would spend a lot more time with friends and family I love

I would paint and explore my creative expression

I would say just fuck it and just quit worrying about shit that may never happen

I would quit the job I am in and donate my time to voluntary activities that I love

I would trust my heart and my soul and just speak my truth to everybody I meet

I would let go more

I would allow myself to be fully seen by others

I would ask more women out on dates

I would do only what is truly important and which is true to my values

I would do tantra workshops

I would share who I really am to the world and stop being somebody I am not

I would get naked and just run in the woods for the fun of it

I would open my heart more to love

I would listen to myself and my inner voice

I would travel to India for 1 month

I would spend all the money I have on things for my friends and family and for myself

I would travel the Camino De Santiago

I would go skinny dipping

I would trust any inspirations I have fully and completely

I would ultimately stop following my head…

and just start following and trusting my heart…