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I see in my own life that I do not take complete responsibility for how I feel and what I think. When somebody responds in a way that I do not like, I can buy into the illusion that they are making me feel this way or making me think this way. I can at times go into to the blame mode of blaming that person for making me feel this way. I can see that I am not taking full responsibility for how I am feeling and a lot of the times I am not fully allowing myself to feel what I am feeling.

In a recent situation I had with a person who was really annoying and irritating me. I responded with anger however afterwards when I dug a little deeper I was really feeling a sense of powerlessness and fear in the situation in that I felt I did not have any control. What a gift it could have been if I had allowed myself to feel what I was feeling in that very moment and not move into a place of anger and blaming the other person for being who they were choosing to be.

In this world we have no control over what another person is thinking and how they are feeling. It is a futile exercise to live our lives trying to please other people so that they will be happy and they will not be angry. The only control we have is over what we think and what we feel. The key to changing and coming to a more empowered place in any given situation is awareness. We need to become aware that the anger is within us and that it is our subconscious thinking and beliefs which are creating the anger, the fear….

I would love in my own life to have more courage to move into more of who I am whether that is love, anger etc. I see in myself how I repress my anger or my real feelings in a situation because I have an underlining desire to be liked by the person who is in front of me. What would happen if I really liked and loved myself and I didn’t care what the other person would think of how I am really feeling or thinking?

I want to take more responsibility in my life for how I am feeling. I would like to stop blaming the weather, the people, the economic situation etc for how I am feeling. I am the person who is choosing what I feeling. It is my responsibility to create this in my life. I am still very much a student of this however I am aware and I feel that this is the first step to change…..