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How do we know when we are truly happy?

Happiness for me is being fully in this present moment, not wanting to be somewhere else and not judging where I am, but actually loving where I am fully and completely.  Its interesting in my own life that I was never actually taught to be happy. What if I made happiness my number one priority in my own life? How many of us really make it a priority?

Many of us, myself included are conditioned to believe that happiness exists in the future. We believe that when we get that job, that partner, that money, that house etc that the we will be happy. I see in myself that I buy in to this illusion, however I know it is not a recipe for happiness in my own life.

How is it serving me to be unhappy when we don’t get what we want?

They say that the goal behind every goal is happiness. What if we choose to be happy regardless of what the outcome is, good or bad, right or wrong.

One way I have found very useful in creating happiness in my own life is by changing my beliefs to beliefs which are creators of happiness.

Here are a few beliefs I have found very empowering for me;

I feel fully empowered in every situation to choose the thoughts and feelings I want.

I do not have to judge my unhappiness or myself in order to change.

Its okay to be unhappy.

I am fully responsible for how I feel in every moment.

Nothing is wrong with me. (nothing ever was)

Everything happens for everyone’s benefit.

I am my own best expert (on me).

Its okay to be myself.

I do the best I can based on my current beliefs.

The only moment is now.

Happy people are more effective than unhappy people in getting what they want.

Everyday in everyway I am getting better and better.

Anyone who judges or condemns me does so for herself and her own reasons.

Everything is happening for my higher good.

Authenticity is the safest way to travel. (I am known and valued for who I really am)

I fully trust myself to do the most loving thing for myself in every situation.

By products of happiness are lucidity and clear thinking.

I am perfect exactly as I am.

Questions provide me with opportunities to know and grow.

They are no good or bad beliefs. (just beliefs)

They are no losses only gains.

They are no good or bad people. (just people)

Everything always works out for me.

Happy people don’t stop moving.

I always land on my feet.

My unhappiness is a product of beliefs I hold and can change.

I deserve all the good things in life.

Everything is constantly changing.

I don’t cause other people’s unhappiness nor do they cause mine.

I always get what I want easily and effortlessly.

Now (this moment) is all I ever have.

Focusing on the process always brings me joy, peace and love.

In choosing my beliefs, I am responsible for who I am.

I am lovable and more than enough.

Everything is just an experience.

Everyone is lovable. (no exceptions to the rule)

I am where I am.

Loving is the experience of feeling good, being loved is a bonus.

I am always guided to what the next best step is to take.

The happier I am, the more loving I am.

Believe not in what is…but in what you want.

I do not need a reason to be happy.

I love myself for just being alive.

If my happiness were not dependant on getting, I could go after everything I want without fear.

There is no failure only feedback.

They are no limits.

Know you are enough.

The world around me is user-friendly.

When I am present, I am happy.

The universe is friendly to my desires.

When I am grateful, I am happy.