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I see in my own life when I am stressed and not in the present moment, I am not fully connected to myself and my power. My power is always in the present moment. I see when I let go and just trust, that where I am right now is enough, that everything just flows. I see that I am at peace and I accept where I am.

I ask myself the question how can I stay connected to myself when I am in a place that I may not want to be. The answer is to just accept and embrace where I am. Apply myself and give 110% to everything. At the moment I am in a job which I feel isn’t my dream job however I am viewing it as a place where I can learn and grow in different ways. I see myself growing in resilience and determination. There has been times when I have been stressed this week however when I look at the situation I see that it is me that is making the situation stressful with my reactions to it. I ask myself the question how come I am scaring myself? I am scaring myself as a way to motivate myself to take action.

At the moment the job I am in involves a lot of cold calling door to door. I find it challenging, however today I decided that I want to make this enjoyable and stay connected to myself while I am doing it. I decide to come from a place of letting go of the expectations that I was putting on myself and to have fun while I am doing it. Its amazing the power of this shift because as a result I have been finding the job much easier. I feel happier in myself and more relaxed. I found before that, a lot of time when I was cold calling, that the people I would calling on could sense that I was not having fun and they would immediate give me a negative reaction. Today because I decided to have fun with it, I received a much more positive reaction from all the people I called to.

My own words of wisdom in regards to how to stay connected to yourself in the here and now, are just to love and accept yourself for where you are right now. Believe that you really are doing you best and that you are good enough exactly as you are. When we choose to let go of the need of other people’s approval, acceptance, appreciation and praise, then we are free to be ourselves and we are on the the road to be fully connected to ourselves….