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I have found that being grateful for all the good things and the not so good things in my life, as a great way to strengthen my attitude of mind is regards to whatever happens to me. There is a gift and an opportunity in everything that happens to us in our lives, whether we perceive it at the time or not. It keeps out mind from dwelling on dis-satisfaction. I can see in my own life that when I am in a place of moaning, groaning and complaining about things and not loving what is, that I am essentially creating more of that in my life. I am focusing on all the things that I am dissatisfied with in my life.

When we choose to focus our minds and keep our attention on the best in our lives, it is to surround ourselves with the best and we start becoming the best. The creative power within us makes us into to the image that we are giving our attention. What we think about, we start to become. When our mind is grateful we are focused on the best and we tend to become the best. When we choose to be grateful for all things, we are expecting good things to come into our lives and this expectation becomes faith in our lives.

Imagine living a life of cultivating the habit of being continually grateful for all the good things that come to us and giving thanks continually….

I see around me, people giving out about the economic situation, the politicians, the country, the people…this is a wasted effort because we are focusing on what we do not want. We are not in a place of gratitude when we give out about these things in our lives and it is taking us away from what we really want to create more of in our lives.

Real faith is having the attitude of gratitude that what ever happens to us in our lives, that it is taking us closer to our goal, whatever that may be. There really is no failure only feedback! When something so called bad or something that we do not like happens to us, we always have the option of embracing an attitude of gratitude, in that what is happening right now is for our greater good.

Having an attitude of gratitude will keep us in close harmony with creative thought from which all good things come and shift us away from a place of thinking of lack…there is no real lack only what our minds perceive.Responding from a place of gratitude is really believing that everything will work out for the greater good.

At times in my own life I have struggled with this concept however when I really practised it, I found it did yield me results. Gratitude for me is not just a mind concept, it is a whole being experience. When I experience gratitude in my life, I have no resistance to what is happening in my life right now and I have complete faith that everything will work out for the good of everybody concerned. When I am grateful, I allow myself to experience peace, love, joy and happiness in this moment and it is not determined or dependant on what is happening to me on an external level. What a beautiful gift to give ourselves….