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I know a lot has been written on living in the now….I have read the books, listened to the tapes and watched the movies on it however I see in my life I am rarely living in the actually now. I am usually living for the tomorrows, the next weeks, the next months and the next years.

I came to this realisation the other day when I was having a deep chat with a friend of mine. I could see that the majority, if not all of my problems in life are resulting from not being able to live and appreciate the now. I see my mind is living in the future or in the past. This is all a story that is going on in my head. The story of what things will be like in the future….

Somebody once said to me that when we are present, we are happy. If you have kids or ever look at kids, you can see that they are nearly always living in the now.

At times I get stressed in my life because of work and other various things. I can see that I am not as effective as when I am in a place of presence and calm. I am not able to think clearly and creatively. When we are stressed we are more likely to make mistakes and we rarely enjoy the journey or the process of what we are doing or being.

When we are present we are much more effective in our lives.

Have you ever had the experience of somebody listening to you who was fully present?

When we are fully present, we come into a flow state, where there is no resistance. Many people in sport find this is true as a way to maximize their performance.

So how does somebody become present? Well the first place is to become aware and notice that you are not in the present moment. Come back to your breath and close your eyes and check in and see what is going on for you now.

Come back in to your body….

How are you feeling now?

Is your breath fast or slow?

What kind of thoughts are going through your mind?

Focus your attention on where ever you are now.

Take in the colours, the smells, the tastes, the sounds…..

Say…..I am where I am!

Your Power is always in the present moment!!

Enjoy the journey…not just the destination:)