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Many times in my own life, I have come to a cross roads in regards to decisions and how to act/respond in a certain way and I have found the question “What would love do now?” to be really a profound way to bring me back to what life is all about….

During this week, I had the unfortunate experience of meeting a angry customer who was not a happy camper. I could have respond in a way that would have justified my position in the situation, however, the question came into my mind “what would love do now?” and the answer to the question was to just let it go and just be.

I can see in my own life, how the judgements in my mind block me from seeing the truth in the situation and at times these judgements/beliefs can escalate it.  There is always the gift of love in every situation and we always have the choice to come from this place, whether we see it at the time or not.

When we choose to come from a place of love, we are choosing to come from a place of non resistance and peace to what is. We are bringing the power back to ourselves in that moment.

I know in my own life, it is not always the easiest path to follow and to choose. Many times I am challenged not to come from this place and I have come from a place of frustration, anger and stress instead…

I find this question a great way to bring out the inner wisdom within me, when I remember to ask it:)

My intention this week is to ask myself this question more, especially when I feel challenged by a person, thing or situation…

Thank you for reading this post and I welcome any comments you may have…