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Feeling What You’re Feeling

Emotions are just emotions. Emotions can range from anger, to sadness, to joy and to love. When we were children we expressed our emotions freely without any judgement from ourselves or others. However when a lot of us became adults, we have developed the habit of suppressing how we really feel because we are concerned or worried about what other people may think of us. We have got into the habit of pleasing other people. Many of us live our lives based on the approval, acceptance, praise and popularity of others. Imagine being in a place of completely and fully loving ourselves and giving ourselves the freedom to fully feel how we are feeling without any fear or judgement from ourselves or others.

The interesting thing about emotions is that when we choose to not express or feel and choose to deny or judge an emotion, we block the rest of the other emotions we are feeling. For example when we are experiencing anxiety in a situation and we judge and resist the anxiety, we in turn disempower ourselves from moving on and transforming that emotion. A more empowering perspective is to love, embrace and feel the emotion we are experiencing, especially negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and resentment. It is only by truly loving the emotion and just seeing it as an experience, that we allow ourselves to transform the so-called “negative” experience.

An emotion is just an emotion. It is neither good nor bad. Right nor wrong. It is just an emotion. Emotions come and go. Emotions come from the underlying beliefs we hold about a particular situation. For example if you lost your job in the morning and you responded with anger, frustration, fear and unhappiness, there is a high probability that you could have beliefs such as “this is bad” “I won’t get another job” I am my job” “a job is hard to come by”. However if you choose to hold beliefs such as “this is good” “I will get another job” and “I am not my job”, you would respond with happiness, peace, joy and love.

We have been conditioned from our families, society, friends and work, that it is not okay to feel whatever we are feeling. For example I know of a guy who experienced depression for several years and he only told a couple of people in his life about it. Interestingly enough when he choose to be open and authentic about where he was at in his life, the depression lifted. Depression is essentially about being unhappy or judging our unhappiness. Many people have judgements about people being depressed or experiencing a mental illness. Who made up the rule that everybody “should” be happy. It really is okay to be unhappy. It is only when we learn to truly love and embrace our unhappiness, that we can then move and transform it.

The unhappiness you are experiencing is the truth of that moment.

Don’t judge it.

Don’t compare it.

Don’t resist it.

Don’t fight it.

Don’t try to be happy.

Don’t try to be happy when you are not.

Just love where you are at…

Ultimately we are the people creating the unhappiness because we are holding the beliefs about the thing, person or situation. When we learn about why we are holding those beliefs and how they are serving us, then we have the opportunity to move from that experience and transform the situation.

When we start identifying with our emotions, we start becoming attached to them and as a result we can create more disharmony and unhappiness in our lives. Choose to love what is. If you are angry… say I am experiencing anger now however I am not this anger. It really is okay to feel angry right now….just see what happens…

As always I would love to hear any feedback or comments you may have…