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They say the goal behind very goal is happiness. I feel that this is so true, however there has been times in my life that I have had the tendency to forget that this is my primary purpose. I have at times of being unhappy in the pursuit of a goal, believing in the illusion that when I achieved the goal, that then I would be happy.

I had a realization recently that much of the unhappiness I have experienced in my life, has been as a result of comparisons or judgements in my mind. For example when I was in a place of having little money, I could see that I was comparing myself to somebody who has a lot of money and the direct result in many cases was unhappiness. Another example was when I was not in a relationship and I was single, my mind went into the story of comparing when I was in a relationship and to other people who are in relationships.

I see that my mind loves to compare and judge. It compares my so-called “good” emotions to the so-called “bad” emotions”. It compares when I am alone to when I am with people. It compares to what it is like to have money and to what it is not.

If you look at your life, is there any part of it which you are unhappy about?

Is it your job, partner, money situation?

What are you comparing this part of your life to?

How is it serving you to compare that part?

Just by becoming aware of where the unhappiness is coming from and how it is serving you, it is then that you can allow for the opportunity and the choice to let go of the comparisons and have more peace of mind and happiness in the situation.

I feel that just by becoming aware of our comparing mind, is one small step in the overall journey to peace and happiness.

I have found it useful to practice 10-20 minutes of meditation daily and just become aware of the comparisons that are happening in my mind.

The greatest gift you could ever give to another person and to the world, is your own happiness. We owe it to ourselves, our spirit, our souls, our humanity, to be as happy as we can be. Happiness doesn’t live in the future, it lives in the here and now.

As always I would love to hear any feedback or comments.