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Wouldn’t it be a fantastic world if we all fully trusted ourselves in every moment.  For me it would be a world whereby I really love myself and have the confidence and the belief in myself to be who I really want to be in the world.

This blog is one small step towards who I want to be in the world. The reality at the moment in my life, is that I would love to trust myself more….

So what is having complete trust and faith in ourselves?

For me it is having the confidence and the belief in myself to be who we want to be in the world and to take action towards what I want. When we fully love ourselves, we completely trust ourselves. The two are like peas in a pod. The more we love ourselves, the more we trust ourselves.

In my experience, the only thing that has stopped me in my life from trusting myself, has been my own fear, doubt and worry. These so called “fears” essentially come from our beliefs about who we are being in the moment or about the action we are taking. Such as; Fear that it may not turn out the way I would like it to be. Fear that I may be unhappy if I don’t get what I want and expect.

All these beliefs can cripple us from ever really fully trusting ourselves. Imagine embracing the belief that there is no failure only feedback in what ever action you choose to take. What an empowering belief!!:)

Fully trusting yourself means having the confidence to be, do and have what we want in the world and trust ourselves to take action towards it.

We don’t trust ourselves in situations because of the beliefs we have around what we are saying, being, thinking and doing…..For example if you were thinking of setting up a new business tomorrow morning. You may start off saying to yourself “yes I have a good idea but I don’t have the money, I haven’t done it before so therefore I will not succeed, there is a lot of competition and I might fail etc” If you believed all these thoughts, the chances are that you may not trust yourself enough to set up the business.

However if you choose to have another set of beliefs around this possible venture such as “ I can get the money, I can learn how to do it, it will be a success, I can create something different and more effective than the competition, there is no failure only feedback etc”, there is a high probability that you may trust yourself enough to take action and take steps towards setting up the business.

So how do we go about trusting ourselves more in the world that we live in?

Well one way I have found is by embracing and changing our disempowering beliefs to more empowering ones.

Here are a few I have come up with and which I choosing most of the time to have in my life;

~ I choose to love and accept myself completely no matter what the outcome is.

~ I choose to let go of all need and expectation of the result I want, when I take action.

~ I do the best I can based on my current beliefs.

~ Anyone who judges or condemns me does so for him/herself and him/her own reasons.

~ Everything is happening for my higher good.

~ I fully trust myself to do the most loving thing for myself in every situation.

~ They are no losses only gains.

~ Everything always works out for me.

~ In choosing my beliefs, I am responsible for who I am.

~ I am always guided to what the next best step is to take.

~ Believe not in what is…but in what you want!

~ Everything is constantly changing.

~ If my happiness were not dependant on getting, I could go after everything I want without fear.

~ There is no failure only feedback.

~ They are no limits.

~ The world around me is user-friendly.

I would love to hear of any beliefs that you may find empowering or inspiring as well as any feedback or comments you may have…

Thanks for reading,


~ TW