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Are you living your life full of excitement, enthusiasm and energy and really making the most of every single moment your have?

Are you just putting in the hours and going through the motions in your life with a feeling of boredom and lack of enthusiasm for your life?

Many people, myself included can be caught in the loop of just going through the motions in our lives, coming to a place that this is just it and this is my lot in life and that we just need to get on with it. We can get caught in the trap of being in a rut and never really thinking outside the box that we could be doing much more with our lives, living more passionately and more fully.

Some of the reason of why we are not living our lives more passionately, is because of the beliefs we have taken on and started believing to be true as a result of our families, friends, education, work, our country and our society. Some of these beliefs may include “we need to do this” and “ we should do that” and that “ we have to do this”.

I can see in my own life, that these limiting beliefs have blocked my creative voice and my own sense of aliveness in myself. I am currently going through a process with The Artist Way, which is a 12 step/week guide to unblock and release my creativity. I am now on week 5 and I can see a change in myself and my creative expression. The Artist Way process is helping me to uncover and become aware of beliefs that I have which may not be serving me. I feel that I am moving in the right direction even though at times I feel unsure and doubtful of what the future beholds.

When we are connected to what we really want and we are moving in the direction of achieving and getting it, I believe we move into a place of enthusiasm, excitement and energy in our lives. We can feel it all over our body, that this is what we really want and we feel driven and motivated to go and get it. We believe without any doubt, that we can be this or achieve this.

A part of The Artist Way process has been to choose imaginary lives that you would like to live . My top 5 were, in no order of importance were; An actor, Singer, Talk show host, Motivational Speaker and a Writer. I can see that a part of me has regarded these lives as being foolish and not sensible and that I need to go and get a proper job. I would  love to create the possibility of creating more parts of these lives in my life.

When we choose to live a life of really going for what we want, we receive the benefits of being more happy, energetic, enthusiastic and alive about our lives. We have more to give because we are giving to ourselves and following our hearts desire. We act as an inspiration to others because they see how we are being.

I have come up with a few thoughts in how we can connect and move towards what we want;

*  Brainstorm ideas about things you would like to create more of in your life.

*  Take one small step towards what you want in every day of your life – in one year you will have taken 365 steps. 🙂

*  Create a collage of pictures of your career/idea or goal.

*  Believe that it can happen – if others can do it, so can you.

*  Talk to people who have done it and ask them how they did it.

*  Ask yourself why you want this – the more reasons you have the better.

*  Trust any inspired actions you may have and just act on them.

*  Become aware of any negative beliefs that may not be serving you and ask yourself – “Is this belief true?” and “what is the evidence of it not being true?”

*  Change your beliefs to more empowering ones by creating evidence of the new belief you want to create. Think of people of who are acting from the belief that you want.

*  Visualise yourself in the place you would like to be.

We are only given one life and there are no second chances. It is up to everyone of us to find a way to live our lives in a passionate and enthusiastic way.

As always I would love to hear any feedback, comments or words of wisdom you may have.


~ TW