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As many of you know I made a few changes to my life these last few weeks. I moved to a new location and I started a new training course. The last few weeks have been an interesting journey with moments of excitement, adventure, anxiety, depression, confusion, frustration and joy.

What has been coming up for me has been my own inability to fully let go and trust where I am. The ego/mind part of me seems to have a funny way of judging where I am and comparing my current situation to my previous life, when I had more financial stability and superficial success. It also creates fantasies about the future about what might and might not happen. It seems to thrive on my anxiety about uncertainty. Even though I am living in a beautiful place in the country, near the sea and I am really grateful to be here and have this experience, at times my ego has a tendency to sabotage my peace and happiness by judging what I am doing.

I am becoming aware that what stops me from fully letting go is the fear that things will not work out and that this moment is not good enough. I can see my ego wants these so-called external things outside of myself to validate its existence. They can be things such as a job, money, popularity, acknowledgement etc. I have found even though it is nice to have these things in my life, at times they have taken me away from who I truly am and who I truly want to be.

My intentions for coming down to this beautiful place are to connect with myself, connect with nature and connect with my creativity. At times I have distracted myself from engaging in these things by investing my time in less meaningful activities such as the course, the internet and TV.

I can see that there is tremendous benefit in choosing to let go of fear, judgement, expectations and pressure. When we choose this, we have the opportunity to be present and in turn we are happier and more peaceful. We have more energy and vitality for life because we are no longer resisting this moment but embracing it for what it is. When we are present, we are in a better place to think clearly and make more informed decisions.

We can learn to let go by;

Choosing to be present.

*  Becoming aware of the fantasy in our heads in regards to the past and the future.

*  Just breathe and say I am where I am.

Trusting that the only moment is now.

*  Accepting where we are at.

*  Getting up and dancing to a rhythm of letting go with your body like 5Rhythms.

*  Saying – “ I am willing to let go”.

*  Practicing yoga postures which are great for getting into the heart and the body.

*Practice giving yourself a hug like you would give to a dear friend or a lover. 🙂

As always I would love to hear any feedback, comments or inspirations you may have.


~ TW