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xp-landscape-1How many of us become unhappy because we don’t get what we want? We may want a relationship, more money, a new career, live in a different place or just change our life completely. I can see in my life that at times I can be unhappy because I don’t get what I want.

I am aware that when I am unhappy when I don’t get what I want, I am believing that I need this thing in my life to be happy. The truth is that it is an illusion in my mind that something outside of myself will make me happy. We have been conditioned by society, the media and those around us that we need all these so called “things” to be happy.

We have become dependant on these things outside of ourselves to make us happy. The mind is in a place of craving this outside pleasure which we are believing is happiness which a lot of the time is not true happiness. A lot of times we can become motivated from a place of unhappiness as a way to get the things that we want. However when we choose to come from a place of unhappiness in going for what we want, we will rarely end up in a place which is true happiness.

They say that the goal behind every goal is happiness. How powerful would it be if we decided to choose to be happy now regardless of what our situation is and still take action towards what we need in our lives.

We can invite the possibility of our happiness not becoming dependent on something outside of ourselves by;

Choosing to let of the outcome when we take action.

*  Being grateful for where we are right now for all our blessings.

*  Believing that happiness is a choice.

*  Becoming aware that happiness lies within and not in something outside of ourselves.

*  Making happiness your number 1 priority.

*  Not identifying with whatever our external reality is.

As always I welcome any feedback, comments or words of wisdom or inspiration.


~ TW