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I can see in my own life now and in the past, that I am rarely fully in the present moment. My thoughts have been on the future worrying about a possible future event or in the past thinking about a past story that happened. There have been occasions in my life that I have been fully happy when I have been fully present.

They say the moment you become aware that you are not present, that you become present. It seems to be a sign of our times that we are constantly living in the future and the past. Imagine living a life where you have never been in the present moment….would you say that you have lived?

Stress seems to be a very common part of people’s lives in today’s society. Many of the diseases that we speak of today are a result of stress that is in our minds and our bodies. When we are fully in the present moment, it is impossible to be stressed. Stress is created from futurizing (imaging the future in a negative way) or pasturising (living in the past).

If we continue to live in a way that we are not fully present, we never reach a place whereby we are experiencing the fullness and richness of life. We could come to a place or a time in our lives that life has passed us by.

Many people, myself included use various methods to escape their current reality or present moment. These can range from working too much, drinking alcohol, eating excessively, using the internet….all these things are just temporary fixes however they never really help us to be in a place where we are fully in the present moment.

There are many benefits to living in the present moment such as being happier in ourselves, enjoying life more, having less stress, having increased energy and feeling more connected with ourselves and others.

Here are a few guidelines in how we can be more present in our lives;

*  Practice meditation on a daily basis.

*  Become aware of when we are not present.

*  Breathe deeply into our stomach.

*  Say YES to where we you are right now.

*  Do things that you enjoy and allow you to become present such as singing, dancing, playing music…..

*  Walk in nature and become aware of the beauty that’s there.

As always I would love to hear any thoughts, feedback or words of wisdom or inspiration that you may have.


~ TW