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We are all responsible for our happiness. At times we can buy into the illusion that something outside ourselves is responsible for our happiness. This can be a person, a job, money, the place where we live etc. However when we give our power away to something outside of ourselves for our happiness, we dis-empower ourselves and never really take ownership of the situation that we are in.

It is very liberating to be in a place in our lives where by our happiness is not dependent on anything outside of ourselves. When we are happy, we are loving. When we are happy we are connected to ourselves. When we are happy, we feel good about ourselves.

How many of us really take full responsibility for our happiness? I can see in my own life that there are times that I am not taking responsibility for my happiness and I can have the tendency to go in to a place where by I am blaming outside circumstances for my unhappiness. As I write this, I am smiling 🙂 I see that the expectations that I have on myself…and when I don’t meet them I become disappointed and unhappy.

At times people can become addicted to this circle of unhappiness because ultimately it is getting them what the ultimately want. That could be attention, love, pity or other things from people around them.

They say that the goal behind every goal is happiness. If that is true, how come we don’t choose to be happy now and still go for what we want….

We can start taking responsibility for our happiness by;

*  Becoming aware of when we are unhappy and what is causing it.

*  Ask yourself how is it serving me to be unhappy right now?

*  Say to yourself “I am responsible for my happiness!”

*  Become aware of the beliefs that are creating your current level of unhappiness and ask yourself if they are true?

*  Say its okay to be unhappy..

*  Connect with your heart and say YES to the answer that comes up from within.

*  Let go of any expectations and need you have in you current situation.

As always I would love to hear any feedback, words of wisdom or inspiration you may have…