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The Truth warrior - Story

How many of us are believing the story we are telling ourselves about our lives? This story could be good or could be bad. It could make us believe that we are a winner or a loser. This story could make us feel small or big. This story could help us to be all that we could be or lead us to living lives that are insignificant and that lack meaning and purpose.

This story is the dialogue that is going on in our heads. It is the beliefs, the opinions and the judgements that we have about ourselves, the people in the world that we live in and the lives we are living. This story can make us feel good or feel bad. It can make us feel happy or feel unhappy.

At the moment in my life I am experiencing a lot of changes. I am currently in Australia and I am in a place of indecision in regards to what to do next in my life. I have given notice to quit my job because the truth is that I was just not happy in it. It just wasn’t making a statement  of who I am and who I wanted to be in this world. I just felt deep down that I was selling myself short. I can see the story in my own head in that I am now in this position of not having a job and feeling clueless to what to do next in my life. The 2 options which are open to me now are to stay in Australia or go to India and do a yoga teaching course and some travelling. I can see the story in my own head saying to me that I should get a job and start taking my life seriously. That I should start doing what society expects me to do.

I am aware that I can make up the story of my life anyway I want to. The question is how do I want to make up the story? What is the story I want to tell myself right now? I could say that I am now on this exciting adventure in my life where the possibilities are endless or I could say that I am in a very fearful and apprehensive time in my life and the future looks very bleak. I can see that it really is up to me in regards to what story I want to believe and what I want to tell myself.

Many people can be caught or stuck in the story they are telling them selves about their lives. The story can be so real, that they believe that it is the truth. People can be addicted or attached to the story they are telling themselves and the people around them. They can find it hard to let the story go and change the story to something more positive and empowering. Often times this story can become their reality.

Much of the time we tell or believe the story we have because it is serving us in some way. If for example we are telling the story of poor me and how bad life is, this story could be serving us in a way to get us pity or attention from those around us. It could also be serving us not to take responsibility for our lives and our happiness. It could be serving us not take chances in our lives and allow us to stay stuck in our story and not allow us grow as a person. Ultimately it in only us who can see the truth of why we are choosing to believe the story.

Here are a few guidelines and questions in regards to how you can go about changing your story if you want ;

*  Become aware of the story in your head – You could do this by writing it out.

*  Ask yourself how is it serving you to believe this story? What are the benefits?

*  What will happen if you continue to believe this story?

*  Is this story really true?

*  What could you do to change your story?

*  Act as if this story isn’t true! 🙂

*  Let to go of the story you are telling yourself and say to yourself that this story isn’t me.

*  Ask yourself – what do I want the story of my life to be?

*  Trust and believe that you can create a different story for your life – if you want! 🙂

As always I would love to hear any feedback, words of inspiration or some advice.