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We are conditioned and brainwashed by the society that we live in to be in a place of fear. We worry and stress ourselves to death by what may happen in our jobs, our lives, our money, the future etc. it seems at times we have forgotten who we really are.

When we are in a place of worry, stress or anxiety, we are essentially in a place called fear. We go to the doctor for some stress relieving medication often times only reducing the symptoms but not the cause. We believe that the events or circumstances happening outside of us are creating our stress or anxiety. The truth is that it is our responses and beliefs about the situation which are creating the stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety is created in our lives because we are not trusting the flow in our life. When we choose to fully trust the moment we are in now and completely love ourselves, it is nearly impossible for stress and anxiety to exist.

If we choose to continue to live our lives in a place of fear, worry and stress, the consequences are usually some disease in the mind or the body. Many of the mental illnesses that people experience today can be contributed to periods of prolonged stress. People having heart attacks and other physical ailments can also be contributed to stress.

So what is stress? Stress is essentially having a fearful response to where we are and what is happening in our lives. It can feel like an intense body experience. A person can be in fight or flight whereby the person wants to run away from the situation they are in or else fight it. It can feel that they are losing control and that they don’t have control in the situation that they are in.

They are many benefits to ourselves and those around us when we choose to come from a place of love rather than fear. These could be;

* Improved health, vitality and energy.

* Feeling more relaxed and centred in ourselves.

* Improved clarity in our minds.

* Feeling more connected to ourselves.

* Having more control in our lives.

* Trusting life and ourselves more.

Here are a few guidelines which can help you to create more peace and love in your life;

* Ask yourself will this really matter in 5 years time?

* What would love do now?

* Take some time out and connect with nature.

* Do some yoga and meditation.

* Create some time and connect with yourself.

* What am I believing in this current situation that is creating stress for me?

* Say if I knew I was going to die in 6 months time, what would I do?

* Just breath and say I am where I am.

As always I would love to hear any feedback, words of wisdom or inspiration.