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Our emotions can range from anger, fear, depression, jealousy, guilt
to joy, peace, happiness and love. The emotions that we are
experiencing can make our lives a living hell or a living heaven.

Often times we can forget that the anger or depression we are
experiencing is not outside ourselves. We can buy into the illusion
that a person or a thing or a place is making us angry. We say to a
person that you are making me feel a certain way. The truth is the
anger, the fear, the guilt, the happiness and the love is coming from
within ourselves. Nobody can make us feel a certain way unless we
give them the permission or allow them to do so.

When we experience these negative emotions, often times they can
prevent us from really seeing the true picture of our reality. They
can cloud our judgement and can make us prisoners in our own lives.

Our emotions come from the beliefs we are believing about the
situation, place or thing. For example in my life now I am
experiencing a lot of changes in regards to my career and environment.
If I choose to believe that change is scary or bad, there is a high
probability that I will experience the emotions of fear, unhappiness
etc. However if I choose to believe that change is good and that I
love change, there is a high possibility that I will experience
emotions of peace, joy and happiness.

Our emotions can hold us back and limit us from living the life we
truly desire or they can propel and move us forward in the direction
of what we really want to create in our lives. When we are
experiencing fear and unhappiness in our lives, we are usually less
motivated and inspired to take proactive action. We feel that we have
little enthusiasm, excitement and energy for the actions we need to
take. However when we are in a place of happiness and peace, we are
usually motivated, enthusiastic and energized to take proactive action
towards what we want.

At times it can be easier said than done to change our so-called
negative emotions to positive ones. I know in my experience there
have been times where the negative emotions I was experiencing were so
overwhelming, that I found it hard to move through them and see the
light. Many of us can have the experience of being in a place that is
emotionally challenging and find it hard to move to a more positive

Here are a few guidelines that I have found helpful to shift to a more
emotionally positive place;

* Become aware of the emotions that you are experiencing.

* Don’t label or judge the emotions by saying that they are good or
bad, right or wrong.

* What am I believing now that is creating these emotions?

* How is it serving me to believe this?

* Would I prefer to be right or be happy?

* What is the truth in what I am believing?

* What could I believe about my current situation that would make me
feel happier and more grateful?

* Say to yourself I am not these emotions.

* Trust and believe that these emotions will pass.

As always I welcome any feedback, comments or words of wisdom that
you may like to share…