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We all have experienced negative things happening in our lives. These can range from things such as losing our job, getting an illness of some kind, losing somebody close to us to not having the right education or upbringing. It fascinates me how some people choose to react in different ways to the same circumstance.

When we choose to be a victim when something happens to us in our lives, we are essentially giving our power away. We are coming from a place of feeling powerlessness and having no control in the situation we are in. We can go into stories of poor me, I am so helpless and why does this always happen to me. We can go into a place of blaming or complaining about our childhood or our circumstances for our lot in life.

There can be many reasons why we choose to be a victim. It could be that we don’t want to take responsibility for our lives, or maybe that we get sympathy and attention from people by being a victim. It could also be because we have a fear of failure and are afraid to take proactive action in our lives. Ultimately we are the only ones who really know why we are choosing to be a victim and how it is serving us in some way.

There can be many drawbacks in choosing to be a victim in your life. When we choose to be a victim, life can pass us by because we stay in the victim or the poor me mode and we don’t take proactive action in our situation. We also can have the tendency to attract negative people, circumstances and situations to us because of how we are feeling. Being a victim may seem ok in the short term however in the long term it usually means that we create more negative situations. I can see in my life that there have been times I have played the role of being a victim. I remember one time when I was looking for work and I was blaming and complaining about the economy and the fact that there were no jobs out there. In hindsight I can see that I needed to take control and take responsibility for the situation and stop complaining and blaming.

When we choose to be a victor, we feel empowered in the situation that we are in. We refuse to let the situation get the better of us. When something happens outside of us which we do not like, we do not blame anybody but we take full responsibility for the situation that we are in. We have a positive attitude about our life and we tend to be generally positive in response to things that happen to us. We feel in control and a certainty that everything will be ok no matter what happens. When we are a victor we start taking proactive action in our lives and we feel good about ourselves. We ultimately say YES to life. I know of a guy who lost his legs in a car accident and as a result losted his job. He turned his situation around and started writing for a living and is now a successful writer.

Here are a few tips in how we can choose to be a victor in our lives ;

* Start looking for the good in the situation you are in….ask what are the blessings in my life right now?

* Who is in a worse situation than me right now?

* Start taking positive proactive action towards what you want!

* Say to yourself – I am stronger than this and I am bigger than this!!

* Become aware of your situation and say I have a choice in how I want to respond !

* If you are feeling like a victim, ask yourself how is it serving me to be like this?

* What can I do to take my power back in my current situation?

* Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start focusing on how you can make the most of the situation you are in right now!

As always I would love to hear any feedback, words of inspiration or wisdom you may have.