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Most of us spend 40 hours a week and over 40 years or more in our jobs. The sad fact is that many people are in jobs which they have no real enthusiasm or excitement for. They are buying their time and they don’t feel connected to what they do. In many cases they are doing the job for the sake of paying the bills. A lot of time people end up in jobs or careers that they don’t really like because they fell into them or were told by their teachers, family or society that this would be a good job or career to do.

I know when I was growing up and considering what to do with my life in regards to my career, there was very little guidance and useful help in this area. At times I found I was at a lost at what to do and ended up in a career which I didn’t find fulfilling or rewarding. It served a purpose in that from the outside that I looked like I was a productive member of society however inside I was feeling empty and meaningless. I lacked passion and excitement for what I was doing.

In considering a career which may be of interest to you, it is important to look at your values and if they are congruent to the career you wish to pursue. Your values are the things in your life which you place a high value on and which are important to you. They could be freedom, money, creativity, relationships, travel, status, security, family, work-life balance, teamwork, fun etc. If for example your 5 top values are work-life balance, family, fun, freedom and teamwork then if you are in a job/career which you have to work very long hours and is very stressful and which doesn’t allow you much time or freedom for family and other things in your life, then there is a high possibility that you will not be very happy.

It also important to be engaged in a career area which you are interested and are passionate about. If the career that you choose engages in a few or more of your interests, you will be happier in it. Your interests could range from yoga, music, sport, marketing, personal development, travel, animals, organic farming, cooking, dancing, writing etc. If you are in a career area which you are not passionate about, make a list of the areas that you are interested in and brainstorm possible career options that you could choose or create in this area. For example if you have an interest in writing, music and travel you could become a music journalist/reporter and travel and interview musicians.

Another aspect in choosing a career which best suits you is your personality. What kind of personality do you have? Are you extroverted or introverted? Do you predominantly like to use your feelings or your mind in making decisions? Do you like to use your senses or your intuition? Are you action or thought orientated? If for example you are a person who is introverted and doesn’t enjoy lots of interaction with people then there is a strong possibility that you would not be very suitable to a sales job.

The skills that you are good at and that you enjoy using are usually strong indicators of the area that you would be suited in working as well. They can range from organizing, planning, sales, presenting, writing, management, coaching, training, marketing, sales etc.

When choosing a career ask yourself the following questions;

* What are my top 5 values?

* What are my interests?

* What kind of personality do I have?

* What skills do I enjoy using and that I am good at?

* When you know the answers to these questions, then brainstorm possible careers that may be suitable with these values, interests, personality and skills….think outside the box 🙂

* Highlight the 3 careers which you would be most interested in pursuing and research them in regards to qualifications needed, what it is like to work in it by talking to people in that career, salary, opportunities etc…

* Then choose the career you would like to pursue 🙂

I hope this was useful…

If you have any feedback, words of wisdom or comments, I would love to hear them….