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From minute to minute, from hour to hour and day to day, we all can experience a wide range of emotions. These can be anger, sadness, greed, anxiety, depression to happiness and peace. These emotions can help us to live a happy and fulfilled life or they can prevent us from doing so and lead us to destructing our lives.

Our emotions are an internal response that we feel in regards to a person, an event, a thing or a place. These emotions can be triggered from previous experiences that we have had in the past. For example if somebody close to you hurt you in the past when they criticized you then if you are criticized in the here and now, it can activate that hurt. Our emotions are created from the beliefs we hold in regards to a situation or a thing.

Many of us can be caught in the loop of experiencing the same emotions time and time again without ever changing them to something more positive and empowering. It is usually our identification with them which prevents us from changing them. For example if we say I am angry or I am depressed we become identified and attached to the emotion. We can also be experiencing this emotion because it is serving us in some way. For example if you are depressed this emotion maybe serving you in that you don’t have to take responsibility for your life and you may gain attention from other people because you are this way. It is usually our beliefs in regards to what we are experiencing which can prevent us from changing as well. If we respond with resistance to the emotions we are experiencing and judge them that they are good or bad, or right or wrong, it can keep us stuck in the emotion.

If we continue with the same habitual emotional responses without any awareness or consciousness, it can prevent us from moving forward in our lives and living a more fulfilled and happier life. If these emotions are negative, it can keep us in a place of suffering and misery without moving out of it. At times we can even create sickness and disease in our bodies because of continuous unhealthy emotions. For example if a person experiences prolonged periods of stress, this can reduce their immune system and they can be more likely to get a sickness or a disease.

When you have the awareness and the skill to be able to change your emotions to more positive ones, you usually feel freer, more empowered and have more energy in yourself. You will be able to make more informed choices because you will have greater clarity in your life and you will not be making decisions based on negative or unhealthy emotions. When you experience more positive emotions in your life, you will attract more positive people, circumstances and events.

Here are a few ways that I have thought of so that we can change our emotions to more positive ones;

* Become an observer / witness of the emotion you are experiencing. Don’t identify with it – say this emotion I am experiencing is not me – I am not this – detach yourself from the emotion and just look at it.

* Ask yourself how is it serving me to experience this emotion?

* Look at the beliefs that you have which are creating this emotion. Ask yourself – are these beliefs really true?

* Meditate and try to feel the emotion for what it is. What is the real emotion behind this emotion?

As always I would love to hear any feedback, comments or words of wisdom you may have.


~ TW