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Anything can be possible, if we believe that it is possible. It usually starts first in our minds and in the way we think. Whether we think something is possible or not, usually we are right.

When we come from a place of possibility in our lives, we come from a place of unlimited thinking. We choose to not place limitations or restrictions on who we are or how we should be in the world. If you see children, most of them have a look of curiosity and possibility on their faces. They normally believe that they can be, do or have anything. They are generally not limited by their thinking, in what they can or cannot create or achieve in their lives.

Originally, most of us were full of possibility when we were younger, however along the way, much of our thinking became influenced by our parents, our teachers, our friends, our society, our bosses and the media, which at times resulted in our thinking becoming limited. Our beliefs could have changed to;

“I can’t do this”

“I can’t do that”

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m too old or too young”

“I don’t have enough of…….”

“I need…..to achieve this”

“The world is a scary place”

“I won’t succeed or I will fail”

All these beliefs are from a place of lack of possibility. Beliefs like these and many others, do not help us on our path to create more possibility, choices or abundance in our lives.

When we are restricted or constricted with thinking which does not create possibilities in our lives, it can hold us back from becoming the amazing person we can be in the world. This thinking can lead us down a path of living a small, insignificant life, which can be unfulfilling, unrewarding and maybe lack any meaning or purpose. It can prevent us from us from expressing our talents and gifts in areas such as playing music, writing, painting, acting, singing and many other creative areas. Thinking like this can also move us into a negative and unworthy place in our lives.


When we choose to believe in possibility, with ourselves and the world we live in, our whole world opens up. We start seeing things from a completely different perspective. We come from a place of openness and non-judgement. We let go of the beliefs which hinder us. We usually start to feel good about ourselves and the environment around us. We feel more confident and worthwhile in ourselves. We start to see the world as a glass half full rather than half empty. We also attract more positive opportunities into our lives because of the very nature of our possibility thinking.


Here are a few guidelines I have come up with in regards to creating more possibility in your life;


√   Ask yourself – if everything was possible, what would I do?

√   Brainstorm possible solutions to a particular problem in your life – use mind maps by Tony Buzan to help you.

√   Ask yourself – who  says this is not possible and is it really true?

√   Talk to people who have created what you believe is impossible and ask them how they did it?

√   Surround yourself with people who think possibilities –  people who are uplifting and positive.

As always I would love to hear any feedback, comments or words of inspiration you may have.